TN Neurofeedback Services

In-Clinic Neurofeedback Program

Our standard neurofeedback therapy program involves 2 weekly sessionsminimum spread out across a number of months. While most of our clients come in for at least 40 sessions, we always pause after the initial 20 sessions to assess progress with a follow-up brainmap.

Sessions take place at either the Brentwood or Chattanooga TN Neurofeedback clinic under the supervision of one of our Board Certified Neurotherapists.

Our program includes:

  • initial brain map and consult
  • 20 neurofeedback therapy sessions
  • follow-up brain map and consult

Remote Training Neurofeedback Program

If our Brentwood and Chattanooga locations are out of your reach, we offer remote training units for clients who are unable to regularly come into the clinic. While all brainmapping appointments must be done in the clinic, individual training sessions can be done at home and supervised remotely to ensure quality of sessions. Like in-clinic clients, remote clients do sessions in sets of 20, with brainmaps before each set.

One-Week Intensive Neurofeedback Program

Our intensive program enables clients to experience the benefits of neurofeedback within a short period of time. Whereas our In-Clinic program usually includes 2-3 weekly neurofeedback sessions, our Intensives program condenses 15+ sessions in 7 to 10 days. We also accommodate clients who can only come for 2 – 3 days at a time. We partner with other therapists to meet our clients’ unique needs. Services available to the client include brainspotting, talk therapy, and psychiatric services. A client’s week will vary depending on whether or not they decide to participate in these other services.

Our Intensives program includes:

  • initial brain map and consult
  • 15-20 neurofeedback therapy sessions
  • 4-5 brainspotting therapy sessions
  • follow-up brain map and consult

Important: While neurofeedback does work quickly, clients who consider doing an intensive must be committed to any lifestyle changes suggested by our experts during and after the intensive. The brain will continue to change once the client returns home, so it is important to practice habits that will nurture healing. We encourage clients who come for an intensive to plan on taking a remote training unit with them to complete 20 more sessions from home.


We have several different options available, based on your individual needs. Get in touch to book your informational call and talk to us about neurofeedback fees and benefits.

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