New Location Opening in Chattanooga, TN

Tennessee Neurofeedback is beyond excited to announce the opening of our newest location in Chattanooga, TN. For six years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing quality mental health and neurofeedback care to our Nashville community. We look forward to making high-quality, research-based, customized neurofeedback therapy available to a broader base of Tennesseans with our second location.

What to Expect in Chattanooga

Tennessee Neurofeedback has always been passionate about making neurofeedback accessible to every community, and this same value has driven us towards this exciting expansion. For many years, we have offered virtual treatments to patients outside our community—this expansion is our first step towards more effective, more convenient in-person care.

A Client-Forward Focus

As a part of our mission statement and commitment to you, Tennessee Neurofeedback is committed to providing the best possible care to each and every patient. With our new location, Chattanooga patients can expect the same welcoming atmosphere, educational consultations, and life-changing treatments. With our practice, you can expect flexible schedules, no waitlists, convenient treatments, and a welcoming and supportive office.

Our clients are reason we exist, and we are committed to procuring staff that reflects these ideals and provides excellent care every time. To this end, we are currently in the hiring process for our new location. We are excited to find staff members who are both experienced and motivated, and our Brentwood team is committed to finding the perfect additions to help our new location not only succeed but thrive.

Expanding and Educating

Neurofeedback therapy is an effective treatment for a multitude of conditions and disorders, but few people know about this option. Tennessee Neurofeedback wants to change the game, making neurofeedback a well-known, accessible option for all. We are hoping to bring our knowledge to the community of Chattanooga and offer focused care that can lead to impactful changes.

Community Involvement

Relationships with other mental health professionals are essential to our ability to provide the highest quality of care to our clients. We focus exclusively on neurofeedback, and we trust other experts to provide trauma therapy, occupational therapy, and medication management to our clients who need those services. To that end, Tennessee Neurofeedback has always connected with neighboring providers to act as a referral point for our clients. As we move to Chattanooga, we also hope to connect with schools and students to provide care they may not know that they need. We are passionate about creating a safe and enriched environment for all our patients.

Historically, neurofeedback has been inaccessible due to expense, lack of awareness, or unavailability of certified providers. Kelsi Ray, TN Neurofeedback’s General Manager, spends much of her time connecting with clients and providers to expand knowledge about brain mapping and neurofeedback, ensuring that people in our communities know their options so that they can make informed decisions about their mental healthcare.

Quality Care Across the Board

Traditionally, patients seeking neurofeedback care would need to travel to a larger city or medical hub for quality care. Tennessee Neurofeedback strives to change this, believing accessible care is the key to truly quality treatment. With a commitment to reputable staff members, our care will exceed your expectations without the need to leave your community. Seeing the continued growth of Chattanooga, we can think of no better place to open our next practice. This location allows us to utilize our state-wide connections with ease, providing the best possible care to a new world of patients.

The Tennessee Neurofeedback Difference

Kaka Ray founded Tennessee Neurofeedback back in 2017 after witnessing the incredible changes that neurofeedback therapy had provided her patients and others. Utilizing neurofeedback methods, Kaka noticed an increase in healing speed as well as the depth and totality of the healing. By mapping the brain, we are able to identify the root cause of symptoms, then train the brain to eliminate the cause, rather than just teaching clients to manage symptoms. This is especially true with trauma, where we see the brain’s physiology heal so significantly that trauma markers often disappear.

Visit Our New Location

We are dedicated to accessibility and flexibility to ensure the ease of your care, and our new location will provide the same quality care we are proud to be known for. If you are suffering from symptoms of trauma, ADHD, anxiety/depression, insomnia, chronic pain, or other mental health challenges, Tennessee Neurofeedback is here to offer you relief. Schedule a consultation at our new location in Chattanooga, TN, and let us help you heal your brain and mind with comfort and ease.