Neurofeedback Training for Focus and Concentration in Athletes

For athletes, the saying “get your head in the game” goes beyond the literal meaning. While every sport requires immense physical strength, mental hardiness is equally important for successful performance both in the game and during training. TN Neurofeedback in Brentwood, TN, and Chattanooga, TN, is here to help athletes reach their peak performance by improving their concentration and focus.

What Causes Problems with Focus and Concentration?

Most commonly, we see peak performers struggling with focus due to burnout and energy depletion as a result of prolonged stress and poor sleep. Additionally, certain health conditions including ADHD, depression, anxiety, and alcohol use can all contribute to a lack of concentration and focus. For athletes, anxiety relating to a big game, match, or meet, can lead to trouble focusing in a personal or professional setting. Those who play contact sports and have suffered previous concussions can also experience brain fog and other symptoms that make it difficult to focus.

Symptoms of Concentration and Focus Problems

Signs and symptoms that you may be unable to concentrate include the following:

  • Trouble with short-term memory
  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Trouble thinking clearly
  • Losing things often
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Inability to perform complicated tasks
  • Lack of focus
  • Lacking physical or mental energy to concentrate
  • Making careless mistakes

Why is Focus and Concentration Important for Athletes?

Having steady concentration allows you to efficiently get through your day of work, school, or other activities. When you are unable to concentrate, it can lead to trouble thinking clearly, focusing on the task at hand, and maintaining your attention. For athletes in particular, difficulty concentrating can significantly impact their performance. When an athlete’s head isn’t in the game, it can lead to slower decision-making, reaction time, and even stunted hand-eye coordination. Not only is this frustrating on a personal level, but it can lead to further emotional stress when the mistakes made affect an entire team.

Treatment Options for Focus and Concentration

When it comes to treating focus and concentration problems, the first place to start is by identifying what may be causing your trouble focusing and concentrating in the first place. Once these factors have been pinpointed, you can begin addressing them. For example, if lack of sleep is causing you trouble concentrating during practice or during games, developing routines to help you get a better night’s sleep will hopefully lessen your concentration troubles.

Removing distractions from your work zone, like phones or clutter, paying attention to your diet, and practicing mindfulness and meditation are other ways that people have addressed their troubles focusing. When taking this approach does not seem to help, Neurofeedback is available from TN Neurofeedback to help restore clarity, focus, and sharpness to your mind.

Neurofeedback for Trouble Concentrating and Focusing

Neurofeedback treatments rely on electroencephalography to measure and map brainwave patterns to identify areas of dysregulation. Areas of the brain that are associated with concentration and focus include the prefrontal cortex and the thalamus. Once the affected areas have been identified, we then target them by training the brainwave patterns associated with your lack of concentration and focus to regulate back to an efficient pattern.

With neurofeedback, we can teach the brain to minimize the symptoms associated with trouble focusing and concentrating, thus improving athletic performance. Sessions are thirty minutes long and can cause long-term benefits of changing the way your body reacts to stimuli around you to prompt better focus and concentration.

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If your lack of concentration is affecting your athletic performance in both training and competitive settings, TN Neurofeedback is here to help regulate your brain back to a place of focus and clarity. To learn more about Neurofeedback services and the many benefits, schedule a consultation at our Brentwood, TN, or Chattanooga, TN, locations by filling out an online contact form.