“HACKING THE CHILD BRAIN: becoming a brain-informed professional”


WHEN: October 29th @3:15pm - 4:30pm  

WHERE: The Covenant School, room #205


This uniquely tailored seminar will examine current brain research and how it applies to teaching, training and coaching in a way that is both scientific and practical. 


Hear from Kaka Ray, LMFT, BCN, a leader in the field of psychophysiology and a nationally known practitioner based in Nashville, Tennessee. She is devoted to her field and has a particular interest in how the brain learns, changes and has the ability to heal. This gives her a unique perspective on the growing anxiety of teen suicide and adolescent depression.


Topics of Discussion

1. Achieving a Brain-based Focus and Becoming Trauma Informed

2. Brain Anatomy 101: The inner-workings of the child brain

3. Understanding Trauma Response: Fight, flight, and freeze 

4. Understanding Shame

5. Trauma in the Brain: Emotional/ physical 

6. Shifting from Behavior to Needs

7. Influencing Neurology of Children in the Classroom and at Home


YOU can make a difference! 

Save the Date 10.29.2018