Step 2: Consultation

Reviewing Your Brain Map


Neurofeedback and Brain Mapping are provided by trained staff persons, who are supervised by Kaka Ray, LMFT. Kaka is trained in neurofeedback for brain dysregulation including anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behavior disorders, addiction, PTSD and emotional trauma disturbances. She consults with Martin Gremlich, who is an expert in the field of brain science and human biology.

Kaka Ray is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in brain-based treatments and trauma resolution in Nashville, Tennessee, providing timely assistance to individuals and couples facing events that cause a disruption in healthy functioning.

Kaka’s approach is to return her clients to optimal functioning by quickly minimizing psychological stress, reducing emotional barriers, addressing unresolved trauma, and identifying unhealthy influences with a treatment process.

As an expert in trauma and human systems, Kaka works in short, intensive sessions to prevent and manage crises. In turn, she creates highly functional individuals, teams and organizations. The model of intensive sessions coupled with cutting edge brain-based treatment such as brainspotting and neurofeedback is proven to make the therapeutic engagement much more efficient and effective.